Exclusive SEO Guide to grow your Business in 2020

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Do you know even know the kind of density that how many blogs have been published every year?

Let me tell you an Exclusive SEO Guide to grow your Business in 2020

SEO has been one of the most crucial things nowadays for every small and big business.

SEO plays a great factor in the organic ranking of any website in this competitive digital world.

But now the main question that arises that are you working extensively on your trending things on digital media.

Well, most of the time the businesses don’t know the right way or even the real meaning of SEO and Best SEO techniques that you should have a beginner work for your google ranking.

What is the need for SEO?

The Seo means search engine optimization. Well, search engine optimization plays an important role in the google ranking of any website.

Well, there is two kinds of marketing one is Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing. Best SEO techniques are the need of every website.

As it is something that we can call as a long-run thing.

SEO key

When people search on the website for the topics on which your website covers content the google works on showcasing that content will appear higher in the search results and you will get more people clicked on the website.

Why Best SEO techniques is Important for SEO for small business?

Well, as in the growing digital era of marketing. One of the most crucial roles that every business sense is to have a great hold on google traffic for business or potential search results on google or else you can also check these 5 steps which you can apply on your business today to give it a boost.

But if we talk about the paid ad on google it has been one of the most expensive affairs for any business on digital media. So thus the SEO for small businesses comes as in a role for search engine. As the Best SEO techniques help in the ranking of any website organically.

And if you start ranking on an organic way in any platform of digital media it’s really difficult to let you ranking down on google for the long term.

Thus those websites who rank higher on the search engine in an organic way tend to get more and more traffic from google search.

Which lead to great conversion and a huge amount of chances of increase in sales on the website without minimalistic efforts

Types of SEO Techniques

Now since we have to know the definition of SEO and also what important role it plays for any business ranking on digital media.

Well, most of the times when the business approach to any digital media agencies they tell that there are many different kinds of Techniques to rank on SEO but,

If we talk on a professional basis there are only two kinds of techniques in Best SEO techniques.

One if black hat SEO and other one is White SEO.

Well, now the question arises that which is black hat or white hat SEO??

The black hat SEO means duplicate content with some of the invisible text and stuffed keywords.

It also includes that clocking or re directly users to another site or page.

There are also huge links from the sites which have been considered as irrelevant in terms of Search engine.

The white hat SEO means which kind of content that have relevant images and well-labeled content. This helps in relevant links and references.

Those content which consists of standard complaint Html with a great amount of unique and relevant page titles.

These are mainly two kinds of techniques that anyone can do on Best SEO techniques. So if there is someone who tells you some other technique they might be fooling you on that part.

As per my recommendation, you should surely use the white hat SEO technique as the black hat technique is good for those websites that have event blogging but,

if you have a long term business and want to make a great amount of profit then you must go with the white hat SEO technique for your website.

Do you know the types of SEO for beginners?

There are two types of broad categories of SEO. On-page SEO and off-page SEO.

On-page SEO for beginners is all the activity that has been related to Google ranking factor depending on the direct look of the page that you have been trying to optimize. This includes things like heading, content and page structure, meta description, meta tags, etc.

Off-page SEO for beginners, on the other hand, means that all the variable which Google take a look which is not in our hand.

The kind of links or reference we are getting from other websites has been Identified as off-page SEO which gives google more authority about your website.

These things depend on other kinds of sources like websites in your niche having your links, some blog that gets traffic to your website and the personal search results of the users.

They are both different in their ways but they all are really important for the exercise of SEO for beginners on Google.

The ranking of Google mainly depends on these both factors have been used in the correct amount of manner on a website.

The on-page depends on the kind page experience you have for the user. It’s like if you have a great content piece but the on-page SEO hasn’t been done correctly than despite having great content google might not be able to read your content and rank as there has been a lack of on-page SEO for beginners.

If you’re on the page is good but still, you wonder that why I am not ranking is on those keywords that is because then google goes on the link building or creditability of the website and that comes from the off-page work on the website. Well below are some of the main factors that play a role in both kinds of SEO.

On-Page SEO:

  1. If you search any keyword on Google, it shows you several links, have you noticed what are the things a link contains, here we go with some best SEO techniques
  • Meta Tags – Meta tags include the title and description tags, any Google search snippet have a title and description, so to rank well into the Google, we must use a meta Title with keyword and a call to action
  • Meta Description – It is the description below the Meta Title, it has the limit of 150 characters, hence you should make the right choice of words to phrase your complete article/blogs summary in the given limit and it must have the targeted keywords.
  • URL – The Google snippet also contains a URL, you must also include your focus keyword in the URL. In general practice, the SEO title is used as a URL.
  1. Keyword density: You should check the keyword density of the focus keyword on your page, in general practice 2-3% keyword density is better for any page, post or blog. You don’t have to keyword stuff your page but use the keywords in a meaningful way up to the given keyword density. LSI keywords should also be used in the website pages to improve the ranking, these keywords are the relevant keywords to your topic of the page and the focus keyword.

Note: the above details are to be considered for every page/post/blog of your website

Off-Page SEO:

  1. The Off-Page SEO for beginners is very widely used to increase the ranking of the website, before elaborating it, Let’s have a look at Domain Authority and Page Authority.
  • Domain Authority: The Domain Authority is a domain rank score for the search engines developed by Moz, it has relevance on the specific niche of the website which directly impacts the ranking of the website.
  • Page Authority: It is also similar to Domain Authority, as it is a page rank score for the search engines developed by Moz, Moz predicts for your website pages that how well any website page can rank well in the search engines
  • Now as you had read about the Domain and Page authority, it’s score increases when you have the increase in no. of reference links pointing out to your domain.
  • Now here some tips of Link building/OFF Page SEO for beginners

You have to submit your website link to different websites, portals, blogs, directories, forums, social media’s, classified sites and other types of websites. This process is known as link building, Hence these are few terms through which you can increase link building of your domain.

  • Forum Posting
  • Link submit on Q&A Websites (i.e. Quora)
  • Blog/Article/Guest Post Submission
  • Link submission on Directory or Classified Sites
  • Local business listing (i.e. Indiamart, Justdial, etc. helps in SEO for small business)
  • Social Bookmarking, etc.

SEO guide

According to impactbnd, On the first page alone, the first five organic results account for 67.60% of all the clicks.

Well, these are some of the most critical steps that you must follow to have a ranking on your website.

Do leave us your comment below if you think that there has been any more crucial step or update of google on the website.

How do you do On-page SEO step by step?


Focus are the 5 things to do on page SEO:

1- Meta Tags

2- Meta Description

3- URL

4- Keyword density

5- Alt tag on images

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Exclusive SEO Guide to grow your Business in 2020
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Exclusive SEO Guide to grow your Business in 2020
Starter SEO guide to grow your business in 2020. SEO plays a great factor in the organic ranking of any website even for your local business
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