5 Marketing tips and tricks during Covid-19 Pandemic

Covid on Digital Marketing
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You and I both know how badly COVID affected our businesses. According to Statista, about 30 percent of respondents felt that it would decrease the demand for their products or services.

I know this is worrying and stressing but I am now going to share with you 5 marketing tips during Covid-19. Follow these experimented tips and I assure you will see a rise in the graph of sales and traffic for your business.

During this time you must do all everything that should make the bond between you and your customer strong. You should focus on gaining the trust of your customer by helping them genuinely.

I have followed these 5 marketing tips and tricks during this lockdown and trust me I have observed (using Google analytics tool) my traffic to skyrocket.

Your Customers might be presuming about the working of your company during this lockdown so it’s better to be transparent during this pandemic, display your working procedure on your website. This will help you get more trust which in turn will give you more customers that too in the long run.

So let’s quickly start with 5 marketing tips and tricks during the Covid-19 pandemic. Follow these steps and they will steer your business through this tough time and will regain your traffic and sales.


Covid on Digital Marketing


  • Trust them so they trust you 

Trust is the priority that you should have in your business. No one wants to buy something from an untrusted end no matter your own offline business or online business.

Even if your website of not SSL secured then you will start losing your traffic with time.

There are three steps which you must follow-

* Make them trust you and your business

* Maintain that trust

* See the magic it will do with time

The question is how can you gain the trust of your customers?

Let me quickly tell you:

Your customers should feel secure when they are shopping from you, make them feel that they are at the safest place no matter you sell something online or offline.

You should be active and visible to customers on all social platforms this will help your customers know about your offers and discounts.

Don’t make fake promises, faking with your customers may get you a good margin in profit once but in the long run, it will leave your business in a blacklist.

Provide the best in best service for your product no matter it is post-purchase support or purchase support, don’t leave any chance in helping your customer.

Always communicate with your customers, reply to each comment no matter it is positive or negative on social media and talk to customers personally this will attach your customer with your brand.

Follow these 5 tips and you will gain the trust of your customers.


  • Take your business online now 

At this time when I am drafting this blog, there are 4,589,492,588 Internet Users in the world according to internetlivestat so this is pretty obvious that bringing your business online is equal to increase the reach of your business and make more and more people aware of it.

You can target as much audience as you want by running Facebook ads with a low budget also or you can play with Google ad words to rank your business at the top of Google results by defining a budget.

According to Statista, almost 4.57 billion people were active internet users as of April 2020 and during the Covid-19 pandemic, the one who is ready to change his business tactics will only win the race.

Advertise your services or products online with the discount for 1st-time users, find your audience make your circle, and stay connected.

Give discounts and offers to your customers. You will get more sales and traffic if you work in an online advertisement rather than offline.

You will need a beginner’s guide if you are not aware of SEO, click here to learn about it now.

  • Learn E-mail marketing to be one step ahead in the race 

If you are an online retailer then email marketing should be your tool to use or else you will end up losing a lot of money. I will share quick steps with you through which you can be master at email marketing, which are as follows:

*  Understand and find your audience, if you own a café then your target audience is teenagers and millennium so find your correct audience this is very important.

*  Make an Email list including the emails of your customers or implement a newsletter on your website using Mailchimp to automatically maintain your email list.                                                                                         

*  Plan a campaign and shoot a regular email to your customers and tell them about your new offers and discounts.

Keep your email short and craft its title like everybody wants to read it.

“Uh-oh, your prescription is expiring”                                                                         

Sender: Warby Parker                                                                            

This is the best email subject line of Warby Parker’s prescription glasses and sunglasses online company, using the words Uh-ho, increase its chances of getting opened. Sending the email at the right time and with the right tone is the key.

You may craft one for your company too.

Include the name of the person you are sending this email, this connects the user emotionally with the company ultimately increase the chance of getting your email opened.

Try to make your email visually appealing and use less text, people are busy if they don’t find a call to action button or the correct link then they will bounce back from your email or may also put your email to spam.

Try the above steps and I bet you will see a gradual increase in your traffic.


  • Power of Social Media     

According to Oberlo, there are 3.5 billion Social Media users worldwide. I know what you are thinking right now, don’t wait and make yourself visible on social media now Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc.

Give regular posts to your customers with the proper use of #hashtags. Don’t worry about the likes and comments you just do your work honestly and let time help you in getting more reach and engagement to your post.

Don’t just post once or twice of the month for the sake of doing it, start with at least 6-7 posts per day and then see what time of a day you are getting more engagement or what type of posts you are getting more response.

This way you will understand the behavior of your audience which may later be your customers.

YouTube: the most crowdy place for video lovers. You should start making videos relating to your niche and upload your videos on YouTube for better reach to your customers. If you don’t know how to start your YouTube channel then click here to know only 9 steps to start a fresh new YouTube channel.


  • Focus on making your bond stronger with your customers     

I am sharing some ways to make a stronger bond between you and your customers, they are all experimented you may try them for your business too:

Communicate with your customers regularly to keep them attached to you and your company

You should sympathize and emphasize the services that aren’t running during this pandemic and you should give some alternative to your customers keeping in mind about their safety.

Display the important message right on your homepage so all your customer can see that important notice and the ones who aren’t visiting your website, you should shoot them an email about the changes in your services during the pandemic.

These are some of the fundamental steps you should take so keep your business transparent with your customers.

Tips for marketing during covid

In the time of Pandemic, I suggest you work on your business your self and boost it. How?

Click here to learn about how to grow business with digital marketing                                                                                               


Expand your business online and you will see its benefits in no time.

The structure of any business lies in the trust that your customer has towards you and your company. Always keep the services and policies of your company transparent so that customer can rely on.

Extracting a good margin from customers by cheating them may be good for the short run but it will kill your business in the long run.

Social Media is the fastest growing platform today if your business is not on social platforms then you are already out of the race.

Engaging with your customers is the key. If you are posting on social media regularly but you are not interacting with your customers then those likes and engagement will vanish in the coming days. Interact, help your customers by giving them what they want.

After you have successfully made a list of your customers it’s time to start an email campaign and shoot emails to your customers telling them about offers and discounts of your company, remember to make the subject line catchy so everybody wants to open it once.

Small steps that you take regularly add up to your bucket and it gives you immunity in these times like the Covid-19 Pandemic.

These are the 5 Marketing tips and tricks during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Do you have any tips and tricks for Marketing during the Covid-19 Pandemic? Then Comment and tell us. We love to hear from you.



Do you have any tips and tricks for Marketing during Covid-19 Pandemic? Then Comment and tell us. We love to hear from you.

What are the 5 Marketing tips during the Covid-19?

Here are 5 marketing tips during the Covod-19

1- Trust them so they trust you

2- Take your business online now

3- Learn E-mail Marketing to be one step ahead in the race

4- Make use of Power of Social Media

5- Focus on making your bond stronger with your customers




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5 Marketing tips and tricks during Covid-19 Pandemic
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5 Marketing tips and tricks during Covid-19 Pandemic
You and I both know how badly COVID affected our businesses. According to Statista, about 30 percent of respondents felt that it would decrease the demand for their products or services.
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